​Here are some of the most commonly asked questions

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Q. What do you mean a free website?

A: We’ll build your site, buy your domain name, set up your email address(es) and host it. All you need to do is pay the annual hosting fee ($199+GST). No other costs are involved, but any ongoing work you may want costs $60/hour +GST.

Q. So you install WordPress so I can manage my own site. But I thought WordPress was no good?

A: If you talk to a large website company that have developed their own system, that maybe what you’re told – after all, WordPress is free so they have to say something! However, WordPress is the industry standard for website editing, has literally millions of users and developers all contributing to it and have regular security upgrades to make sure your site stays safe.

Q. Can I have an online shop so I can sell products on the internet?

A: Absolutely – it’s easy to install a shop onto your website, and it won’t cost you anything extra.

Q. Other website design companies charge at least a few thousand dollars to build a website – why are you offering it free?

A: Kind of you to notice! Truth is, the costs and knowledge that used to be required to build a website have shrunk dramatically. Using WordPress, you’ll be able to make your own changes to the site and it takes very little to install it for you, so there’s really nothing you need to pay for apart from hosting and getting your domain name.

Q: My uncle’s nephew’s cousin says he can host my website for free – can I move my website away from you?

A: Sure – that’s the great part of WordPress – it’s portable, so if for whatever reason you want to move your site to another hosting company, it’s easy. We’d be sorry to see you go though, and we don’t refund partial payments if you’ve paid for a year but used less than that.