Domain name registration

If you’re looking to register a domain name, we can help! A domain name costs $35+GST and is registered in your name (with us as the ‘technical contact’ unless you’d prefer to have that in your name too!).

So what’s a domain name?

You can think of a domain name as your online home address. It’s a unique and easy-to-remember name that people can use to find your place on the internet. Just like you tell someone your home address to visit you, you share your domain name to invite people to your website. It’s like your online identity, making it simple for others to connect with you in the vast world of the internet.

Free domain name

If we built your website, your payment includes hosting and domain name registration for the first year. After the first year (or if you are transferring your site to us), we offer ongoing hosting services with free domain name renewals.

Domain name registration and domain name transfers

Domain name registration – important points to keep in mind:


The length of the domain name

Domain names that are too long can make it harder for people to remember (and can also lead to typing errors). Domain names that are too short might not express what you do (something like, for example, doesn’t explain what the company is involved in or does, and deosn’t help you get a good search engine position.).


You can only rent a domain name, not buy it

Domains need to be renewed every year (although you can pay for a longer period up front if you wanted). If the domain is left to expire, it will go back on the market and someone else is allowed to register it and use it for themselves.


Make sure YOU are listed as the domain registrant

When we get a domain for your, we make sure to put it in your name. That means that should anything happen and you need to move the domain, you can prove you are the owner and get a domain transfer key to move to another hosting company.


You can register multiple domains and point them to the same website

For example, if you have, you can also register, and more, all of which will send visitors straight to your primary website. However, you don’t need to register EVERY possible variation of your domain name – that gets expensive quickly!