Website hosting with Impact Websites

Quick note: If we built your website, your payment includes hosting and domain name registration for the first year.

All of our hosting plans include:

  • a free SSL certificate (changes your site from http to https to avoid warning messages displayed to your visitors)
  • daily backups of your site
  • email accounts
  • support in case you run into any problems (just call me on 0210559077 – if I don’t answer right away, I’ll call you back)
  • intrusion protection to reduce the chance of hackers attacking your site
  • full site recovery if needed
  • our server specs: 128GB DDR4 SDRAM running Intel Dual Xeon Gold 6226R – 32 Total Cores (translation: it’s fast!)

Package 1

Size: 10GB hosting package
Max number of email address: 10
Cost: $281.74 a year + GST ($324)

Package 2

Size: 50GB hosting package
Max number email address: 20
Cost: $364.35 a year + GST ($419)

Package 3

Size: 100GB hosting package
Max number email address: 30
Cost: $477.39 a year + GST ($549)

But I can get cheaper hosting with other companies!

Yes you can – Freeparking has a plan that costs $207 a year, and Hostgator has a plan that’s only $4.50 a month.

However, before making the move I’d recommend checking the fine print – is there an SSL certificate included? Is it on an overburdened server with slower speeds? Can you call tech support over the weekend if your site falls over? How much storage space (for websites files and emails) do they offer (our smallest plan is 10GB!)

The other main point to keep in mind is that although other companies will make sure your hosting plan stays active, they won’t help you with the website itself. Need to update a plugin? That’s on you. Accidentally deleted a page? They won’t help. Want to add something, improve your SEO, change a colour? You’ll have to do that yourself.

Then you’ve got on-hold music if you do need to get in touch with them – if you’re a fan of Crowded House or Fat Freddy’s Drop, maybe it’s not too bad. When you do get to speak to someone, you’ll have to authenticate yourself, explain the issue and wait for them to fix it or escalate it.

Anything else that makes your hosting valuable?

Yes – we also offer on demand work at $60/hour + GST if we host your site (on demand work for sites we don’t host is $120/hour + GST). Want to add a new page page to your site but don’t want to do it yourself? Give me a call. Want to get a better position for a certain keyword on Google? Get in touch! Keep in mind that 99% of hosting companies will ONLY keep your hosting plan running – they don’t offer any support with your actual website.

Ready to talk about hosting with us?