Who we are


Hi and thanks for visiting our site site! My name is Patrick, and my wife Debbie and I have run Impact Websites together since since 2012. Originally from Wales, we’ve been in West Auckland for the last 20+ years.

I built my first main website in 2009 for our own online education platform (my wife and I used to be teachers), and following that we made a few websites for friends and family. Over the last decade, we’ve found that one of the best parts of building websites in NZ is that we get to help Kiwi companies achieve their online goals – whether it’s promoting a service or selling products online, we can help!

We don’t have a shiny office in the CBD, we don’t talk in insincere marketing language, and we’re both proud and humbled to have been able to build over 300 websites for different companies.

…and not that it’s important, but my favourite website brief and build? Flight suits for birds! Candace wanted a website to sell small items of clothing that fit on domesticated birds to allow them to fly around inside the home without making a mess. Budgies wearing budgie smugglers was quite a picture!

Anyway, that’s enough about Impact Websites

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