Choosing the right domain name

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Choosing the right domain name – 10  important points

Your domain name is not just a web address; it’s the digital front door to your online presence. Here are 10 important points to consider when choosing a domain name.

1. **Understand Your Brand Identity:**
Before diving into the sea of domain options, take a moment to understand your brand identity. What values does your brand represent? What are your unique selling points? Use this knowledge to guide your domain name selection.

2. **Keep it Short and Simple:**
Short and simple domain names are not only easier to remember but also less prone to typos. Aim for brevity without sacrificing clarity. Avoid complex spellings or unnecessary words that could confuse potential visitors.

3. **Include Keywords:**
If relevant, incorporate keywords that reflect your website’s content or purpose. This can boost your site’s visibility on search engines and make it more intuitive for users to understand what your site is about.

4. **Be Memorable:**
A memorable domain name is key to driving repeat traffic. Consider names that are catchy, easy to pronounce, and leave a lasting impression. Test the name with friends or colleagues to ensure it’s memorable to a broad audience.

5. **Consider Your Audience:**
Think about your target audience and what appeals to them. If your audience is international, avoid region-specific terms. Ensure your domain name transcends language barriers and resonates with a global audience.

6. **Check Availability and Trademarks:**
Before falling in love with a particular name, check its availability. You can use domain registration websites to see if your desired domain is taken. Additionally, check for trademarks to avoid legal issues down the road.

7. **Choose the Right Domain Extension:**
While “” is the most common here in New Zealand, other extensions like “.nz” or even “.com” can be suitable depending on your type of website. However, keep in mind that a lot of people automatically think a company is from overseas when they see ‘.com’

8. **Avoid Hyphens and Numbers:**
Hyphens and numbers can be confusing when spoken, and they make your domain more susceptible to typos. Stick to letters if possible for a cleaner, more user-friendly domain.

9. **Future-Proof Your Choice:**
Consider the long-term implications of your domain name. Will it still be relevant as your brand grows and evolves? Choose a name that stands the test of time and is adaptable to future changes.

10. **Protect Your Brand:**
Once you’ve selected the perfect domain name, consider registering similar variations and common misspellings. This prevents competitors from capitalizing on similar-sounding names and protects your brand identity.

Choosing the right domain name is arguably as important as the website itself!

Choosing a domain name is a pivotal step in establishing yourself online. By understanding your brand, keeping it simple and memorable, and considering your audience, you’ll be on the path to selecting a domain name that sets the stage for success. If you’re struggling coming up with an idea, give us a call and we can help you think of some options. We can also register the domain on your behalf!