New website

$1299 (includes GST)

"Wow! That's more expensive than I thought!"

This price includes EVERYTHING you need to be fully online and start promoting your company, getting more work or selling your products or services:

  • complete website build of up to 20 pages (the website then becomes your property - be careful of companies that will hold your site hostage!)
  • help with writing your content, sourcing images etc - we work with you to create the site you want
  • if you're selling online, it includes setting up your shop, adding up to 10 products, and help setting up payment options so customers can buy your products
  • all pages optimised to rank as highly as possible on search engines  (so people can find your site by searching online)
  • hosting for a year
  • Email accounts with a total storage of 3GB
  • a domain name registered in your name (so you own your own domain - be careful of companies that register your domain name in their name!)
  • an online training session (up to an hour) to show you how to add extra pages, edit content, change images, add products or services etc. so you can make ongoing changes to your site if required

"But what if I don't like the site you build?"

That's simple - you don't pay! If we can't build a site that you like, you are free to walk away with no costs. We're so confident that we can build the site you're looking for that we don't ask for any deposit or downpayment - you only get the bill once the site is completed and live (we do ask that you pay the bill within 7 days though!)

"My friend's nephew's girlfriend's brother builds website for half the price!"

Then have at it! But keep in mind that our pricing reflects the cost of building a website that works on all devices, has strong SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so you can be found on the internet, is built by people with over a decade of experience in web design and hosting and is hosted and maintained with daily backups and support. 

Annual hosting & domain renewal

$229 (includes GST)

Annual hosting and domain name renewal fee after the first year. Again, this is the only payment you need to make to keep your website online and email address(es) running for another year, but you are free at any time to move your site to another hosting company. The site and domain will always remain yours.

On-demand work - $60 per hour (+GST)

If you want us to make some changes to your site  (such as adding a new page, changing an image or updating text), we charge $60+GST per hour. Keep in mind that we charge by the minute - if a job takes 20 minutes, we charge for only 20 minutes. We do not have a 'one hour minimum fee' (common in the industry), so you only pay for exactly what you need.